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Meet Dr. Steve Slilaty

Professor, Doctor, CEO, Visionary

Dr. Slilaty is an accomplished scientist and a highly skilled business executive.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Genetics and Biochemistry from Cornell University and his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry from the University of Arizona.

​Dr. Slilaty is a leader in the bioscience industry and is referenced in editorials, reviews and textbooks.

His extensive contributions to science included the discovery of a new class of enzymes (IUBMB Enzyme: EC and the development of key technology for the Human Genome Project (TrueBlue Cloning System).


With a passion for medicine, he founded three biotech companies and took one public. The company he took public, Genomics One Corporation reached $1 billion market cap.


At Sunshine Biopharma Dr. Slilaty is working with the same determination as he pioneers a path towards the discovery of ground breaking drugs for the treatment of aggressive forms of cancer.


What is Adva-27a?

Our Flagship AntiCancer Drug

Our flagship anticancer compound is Adva-27a, a GEM-difluorinated C-glycoside derivative of Podophyllotoxin, targeted for various forms of cancer (See 3D Molecular Model below).

Adva-27a is expected to enter Phase I clinical trials for pancreatic cancer and multidrug resistant breast following completion of the GMP manufacturing and formulation of a 2-kilograms quantity for injection.

The mechanism by which Adva-27a is able to destroy cancer cells is through the inhibition of a key cell-cycle enzyme called Topoisomerase II. Unlike other antitumor drugs currently in use, Adva-27a is able to destroy multidrug resistant cancer cells.

Adva-27a Patents

US Patent Number 8,236,935 covering Adva-27a was issued on August 7, 2012.

Sunshine Biopharma is direct owner of this as well as all right, title and interest in and to all worldwide patents covering Adva-27a, including all issued and pending patents under PCT/FR2007/000697 and PCT/CA2014/000029.

Sunshine Biopharma has not granted any licenses or rights to any entity under these patents.

In Short, This is the Real Deal
  • Adva-27a is effective at killing different types of multidrug resistant cancer cells, including:

    • Breast Cancer Cells (MCF-7/MDR)

    • Small Cell Lung Cancer Cells (H69AR)

    • Uterine Cancer (MES-SA/Dx5)

    • Pancreatic Cancer (Panc-1)

  • Adva-27a is unaffected by P-Glycoprotein, the enzyme responsible for making cancer cells resistant to anti-tumor drugs.

  • Adva-27a has excellent clearance time (half-life = 54 minutes) as indicated by human microsomes stability studies and pharmacokinetics data in rats.

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We're Also Working On

Generic Drugs - Coming Soon

  • SBI-Anastrozole for treatment of Breast Cancer

  • SBI-Letrozole for treatment of Breast Cancer

  • SBI-Bicalutamide treatment of Prostate Cancer

  • SBI-Finasteride for treatment of BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia)

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